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Alttoglass (Glass Mosaic)

logo AltoglassAlttoglass was founded in 2001 and it focuses its efforts on the manufacture and sale of glass mosaic. The main goal of our team is to provide the highest quality product and the best service to achieve full customer satisfaction.

The firm is in the process of expansion, so that the product Alttoglass is present in many countries throughout the world.

Alttoglass gets innovate without losing sight of the classicism and the know-how that characterizes the products, always staying at the forefront of movements that are happening over time, to repeat a successful collection over and over.

Because exclusivity is a value that stands out, each design by Alttoglass is unique and amazing, its generally admired creations are minimalist, pure and sinuous.

When products are made with precision and good taste, the result cannot be less appealing...

Commitment to the environment

Alttoglass’ glass mosaics are made from 100% recycled glass, under strict control in the manufacturing process and a commitment to the environment, resulting in a high quality product.

The unwavering commitment to the environment, quality and customer service plays an important role in Alttoglass as a leading manufacturer of glass mosaic.

The company has a broad portfolio dedicated to luxury decoration. In it you will find many ideas for implementation. Bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, receptions and pools are shaped with glass mosaic of Alttoglass.