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Carmencita (Spices and Seasonings)


We export Spanish productsLogo carmencita

Carmencita produces spices, seasonings, dessert mix, herbs and cooking aids. 

Carmencita's export deparment is formed by a multilingual staff which offers advice and information to all kinds of businesses related to the import of spices and those who import Spanish food.

Blends and seasonings for Spanish paella, paprika, saffron and tradicional Spanish herb teas such as Chamomile have been available internationally since 1940s.

They are focused on finding importers of Spanish food productsfrom all over the world as we offer high quality Spanish products with are a reference within the Spanish cuisine. Balticco acts as their commercial representative in the Baltic Markets. 

Our aim, together with Carmencita´s export department, is to take the Spanish cooking flavours all over the world hence we design and pack our products not only to reach new markets but to adapt our range to local tastes and new market trends.

Carmencita has hundreds of products, but we know that these are the most demanded by the international market:


Please contact us and we will glad to send you Carmencita´s export catalog and price list.

Please see below a slideshow with samples of the products that Carmecita can offer you (it may take a minute to upload the images, please be patient).

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