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Chocolates Valor

logo-valorThe chocolate was first produced in Spain in 1528 by Brother Aguilar, monk of  Monasterio de Piedra ( Zaragoza) who had traveled to America with the “conquistador” Hernán Cortés. Brother Aguilar mixed the beans with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to make the drink less bitter and more suited to European tastes.

The original recipe was kept secret for a hundred years in Spain and early chocolate was only consumed by royalty and the highclasses.

Chocolates Valor is a benchmark in quality chocolate in the Spanish market. Present in over 50 countries and a global leader in the production of chocolates with no added sugar, has signed an agreement with Baltic Commercial Office for introducing their delicious products in the markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Master Chocolatiers since 1881, the company has evolved from its beginnings as a small family business to a largecompany with 260 employees, an annual turnover of over 100 million euros and 12 million kilos of chocolates produced during 2012.

At its facilities are produced every day chocolates and exquisite sweets.Chocolate70NoSugarAdded

After three years of research, in the middle of the last decade, they released their sugar-free chocolates, with exquisite taste, almost identical to the traditional chocolate. They are undisputed leaders in this product range, in sales and quality and we want to make this chocolates the first product of this type sugar marketed extensively in the Baltic countries. Its turnover in 2012 in this product range indicates its value and its position in the global market: 20 million euros.

The secret of their quality resides in the careful selection of raw material at the origin. From Ecuador, Panama and Ghana,Chocolates Valor acquires the best cocoa beans with which they make their chocolates, from bean to bar. Most chocolateproducers concoct their products from cocoa mass acquired to large producers of this product, therefore they cannot controlthe quality and make a real competitive differentiation.

Currently, Chocolates Valor has a market share of 14.77% in the Spanish market for chocolate bars, only surpassed by Nestlé which has the 27.59% (Source: AC Nielsen in November / December 2012).

With respect to no sugar added Chocolates market share is 67.61%.

For more information about the company and its products click here http://www.valor.es/descargas/valor_export.ppsx.

To view the export catalog please click here.

For prices of exports to the Baltic markets, please contact us here.

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