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El Valle de Almodovar (Cheese)

Logo QualiaFrom the land of Don Quijote, the world known character created by Cervantes, we have the pleasure to introduce Qualia Lacteos S.L.

Qualia produces the acclaimed cheeses "El Valle de Almodovar". Manchego Cheese, maybe the famoust cheese from Spain, Goat´s milk cheese, Sheep´s milk cheese and the blended cheese made from Goat, sheep and cow´s milk will fulfil all your expectations and will provide you the greatest pleasure in tasting.

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Alttoglass (Glass Mosaic)

logo AltoglassAlttoglass was founded in 2001 and it focuses its efforts on the manufacture and sale of glass mosaic. The main goal of our team is to provide the highest quality product and the best service to achieve full customer satisfaction.

The firm is in the process of expansion, so that the product Alttoglass is present in many countries throughout the world.

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Chocolates Valor

logo-valorThe chocolate was first produced in Spain in 1528 by Brother Aguilar, monk of  Monasterio de Piedra ( Zaragoza) who had traveled to America with the “conquistador” Hernán Cortés. Brother Aguilar mixed the beans with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to make the drink less bitter and more suited to European tastes.

The original recipe was kept secret for a hundred years in Spain and early chocolate was only consumed by royalty and the highclasses.

Chocolates Valor is a benchmark in quality chocolate in the Spanish market. Present in over 50 countries and a global leader in the production of chocolates with no added sugar, has signed an agreement with Baltic Commercial Office for introducing their delicious products in the markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Esencias de los Patios (Perfumes)

LogotipoEsenciasjpg"Esencia de los patios" is a source of inspiration, a handmade bottled perfume that reminds the fragrance of each “patio” (courtyard) from Cordoba. Flower essences remain in your skin making you feel the history of Cordoba, the Mezquita and its peculiar streets along the old town.

Flowers, sunshine, “patios”, essences and legends in your skin. If you visit Spain be welcome to our Aromateca, located in one of the most beautiful and awarded “patios” from Cordoba. A space in which you will be driven through the mysterious days and nights of our culture.

Come and
discover the “patio” of the perfumes from Cordoba.

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